I will not fear

In the wake of the 9/11 attack, folk singer John Flynn wrote a powerful, moving song called I Will Not Fear. You can watch him sing it at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

The last verse goes:

And in this land of the free, in this home of the brave,
The voice of human courage cries, “I will not be a slave
To the ones in shadow who’d see freedom disappear.”
Won’t you send a message right now: Say, “I will not fear!”

Stirring words: “I will not be a slave to the ones in shadow who’d see freedom disappear.”

12 years ago, the ones attacking our freedom lived in the shadows of caves halfway around the world. Their weapons were jet liners. They sought to destroy buildings.

Today the ones attacking our freedom skulk in the shadows of brightly lit corridors in Maryland and Utah. Their weapons are secret orders from secret courts implementing secret interpretations of secret laws. They seek to destroy the Constitution.

The 9/11 attack arrived with massive explosions visible to all. The current attack was carefully hidden until exposed by a patriot whose freedom — and perhaps whose life — is now in jeopardy.

In 1787, upon emerging from the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What type of government have you given us?” “A republic,” said Ben, “if you can keep it.”

I will not be a slave. I will not fear.


Six impossible things before breakfast

Lawyers call it alternative pleading:

You say my dog bit you? Well…

  • I don’t own a dog.
  • And he doesn’t bite.
  • And you kicked him first.

If that sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because you’ve been hearing it non-stop from Washington for the last week:

  • There is no massive secret NSA surveillance program.
  • And everyone has known all about it for years; it’s no big deal.
  • And revealing it would be a major threat to national security.

See also cognitive dissonance.


Oh, say, can you see?

A conversation this morning on Twitter. From the mouths of babes:


Next: NSA cameras in all rooms of all homes streaming to government database that’s only accessed by warrant. Only gets the bad guys, right?


Can I tell you, after the Newtown shootings this is exactly what my 10-yo nephew suggested?! The plan of a scared child.


Indeed, the home of the brave has become the home of the scared children.