Every now and then, the mists of the crystal ball clear for a moment, and you can catch a glimpse of the post-Hollywood world. To wit:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a multi-talented artist and performer. As an actor, you may have seen him in 3rd Rock from the Sun, Inception, or 50/50. That last title just came out on DVD, and so this past Friday NPR’s Fresh Air re-ran an interview with him from a few months ago. That’s where I learned about hitRECord, “an open-collaborative production company for writers, musicians, filmmakers, video editors, animators, photographers, photoshoppers, illustrators” that Gordon-Levitt organizes as RegularJOE (@hitRECordJoe on Twitter). Explaining hitRECord to Terry Gross, he said:

When you open the creative process up, rather than saying, like, “This is my song! Don’t touch it! You’re allowed to listen to it for 99¢, but that’s it.” Instead what we do on hitRECord is say, well, here’s this song. Does anybody want to add anything to it or change it or maybe sample a part of it or…? When you let go like that, really beautiful unexpected things can start happening.


RegularJOE issues periodic video reports called “The Regularity”, and #58 appeared, coincidentally, also on Friday:

The Regularity is here! And I wanna give a huge bravo and congratulations to all of us for a successful Sundance 2012! We did it and they loved it. But most importantly, I am very proud of all the records that we made, they are all wonderful they make a great evening of short movies.

Now, as we always do, let’s start remixing all the live records from the show! And let’s keep the ball rolling on our RE: INDEPENDENCE collab. Use the discussions from the show and combine it with other work in the collab and let’s keep making art regarding independence.

Well worth 8 minutes of your time. Check it out, and be sure to read the comments.


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