John Kerry, meet Harry Potter

lightning-bolt-i12We had several wand-wielding Harry Potters at our door last night, but fistfuls of treats protected us from their magic powers. Apparently John Kerry is a fellow Potterite.

According to reports today in the Guardian, the Independent, and elsewhere, Secretary of State Kerry has answered the international firestorm about NSA’s global surveillance with two comments:

  • “Some of these actions have reached too far.”
  • “Innocent people are not being abused in this process.”

Reached too far? Gee, ya think? Whether it’s trillions of records on millions of people or creepily listening in on Angela Merkel’s personal phone calls, yeah, the NSA has gone too far.

But about those “innocent people”? This is where the wand comes in. Across the country and around the world, we deploy courts, judges, juries, prosecutors, defense counsel, and enormous amounts of time, money, and procedures to separate the innocent from the guilty. And yet Kerry has bought into the NSA story that they target only the guilty. How do they know?

Magic is the only explanation. Somewhere in that vast Utah NSA surveillance center is a room full of wands.